Beer Pong

Players. Required: 2+
Players. Recommended: 4+


You'll need a long table, twenty large plastic cups, and some ping pong balls.

Place ten cups at either end of the table, each arranged into a 4-3-2-1 pyramid. The pyramids should be pointing towards the center of the table.

Fill each of the cups with beer (or the drink(s) of your choice). For smaller groups you may want to make the pyramids out of six cups rather than ten.

How to play Beer Pong

Divide the players equally into two teams. The teams stand at opposite ends of the table and take it in turns to have one player make a throw.

When making a throw the aim is to land the ping pong ball in one of the other team's cups. The throw must be made from behind the edge of the table (no leaning forward) and the ball can bounce at most once. If the ball lands inside an opponent's cup then one member of that team must down the contents of the cup, before removing the cup from the table.

One team wins when all their opponent's cups have been removed from the table. At this point the losing team is allowed one final throw before they have to drink the contents of all the winning team's remaining cups.

Cups cannot be rearranged during the game, except for at certain specific times. When a team has six cups remaining their opponent can choose to have them rearranged into a 3-2-1 pyramid (if they aren't already in this pattern). Alternatively, when a team has four cups remaining their opponent can choose to have them rearranged into a 1-2-1 diamond (if they aren't already in this pattern). A team can only request a 're-rack' once during the game, either when the opposing team has six cups remaining, or when they have four cups remaining.

Cup image by Freepik