Players. Required: 3+
Players. Recommended: 4+


You'll need a deck of cards.

How to play Cheat

To begin, deal the deck of cards out evenly between all players. Players take it in turns to play between one and four cards of the same value face down in the middle.

Whenever a player places cards down they must announce how many cards they're putting down, and what value the cards have (for example 'two fives'). The twist is that players can only put down cards which have a value equal to or next to the value of the previously placed cards (for example if the first player places down two fives, the next player must place down fours, fives, or sixes).

Players are not required to play fairly, and may instead place down cards which differ from what they announce. A player may call 'Cheat!' if they suspect that another player has placed down different cards to what they've announced. If the player was indeed cheating they must drink a number of fingers equal to the value of the card they were claiming to have placed down, otherwise the accuser must drink that many fingers instead.

The winner is the first player to get rid of all their cards.

Suspicious image by Freepik