Cross the Bridge

Players. Required: 2+
Players. Recommended: 3+


You'll need a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck and deal ten cards face down in a line to form 'the bridge'.

How to play Cross the Bridge

Players take it in turns to flip over a card, starting at one end of the bridge and moving from one card to the next. If a player turns over a numbered card they're safe and play passes to the next player. If a player turns over a face card they must drink and then add a number of cards face down to the far end of the bridge. The penalty depends on the card they turn over:

Jack - one finger, one card

Queen - two fingers, two cards

King - three fingers, three cards

Ace - four fingers, four cards

The game is over when either the players have successfully made it from one end of the bridge to the other by turning over all the cards, or when cards cannot be added to the bridge because the deck has run out.

Bridge image by Freepik