Firing Line

Players. Required: 2+
Players. Recommended: 4+


You'll need a deck of cards and some shot glasses (no more than thirteen).

First place the shot glasses in a line and fill each one with a drink of your choice.

Next separate all the spades from the deck and shuffle them. Deal one spade face up in front of the first shot glass, then one spade face up in front of the second shot glass, and so on. If you've dealt one spade in front of every shot glass but still have some left, simply start again at the first shot glass and deal out a second spade, but make sure that the first card is still visible.

Repeat this process until you've dealt out all of the spades. Note that some shot glasses may end up with one fewer card in front of them than the others.

How to play Firing Line

After performing the setup described above, take the remaining cards in the deck and shuffle them.

Players take it in turns to draw a card from the deck and do the shot that matches the card they've drawn. For example, a player who draws the four of hearts must drink the shot that has the four of spades in front of it. Once the player has had their shot they remove the matching spade from in front of the shot glass and discard it. If there is still another spade in front of the shot glass then the shot glass gets refilled, otherwise it is left empty.

If a player draws a card whose matching spade has been discarded then they don't have to drink.

The game ends when all of the spades have been discarded, which means all the shots have been drunk.

Target image by Nikita Golubev