Fuzzy Duck

Players. Required: 3+
Players. Recommended: 4+

How to play Fuzzy Duck

The first player starts the game by saying 'fuzzy duck'. The player to their left then says 'fuzzy duck', and play continues round in this fashion. However, at any point a player may instead choose to say 'duzzy?', in which case the direction of play is reversed and the phrase changes to 'ducky fuzz'.

Every time a player says 'duzzy?' the direction changes and the phrase flips from 'fuzzy duck' to 'ducky fuzz' (or vice-versa). Each player may only say 'duzzy?' up to two times in a single round.

The idea of the game is to go round quickly without giving players too much time to think.

If a player makes a mistake or hesitates for too long they must drink, and the game starts again.

Duckling image by Madebyoliver