Horse Racing

Players. Required: 2+
Players. Recommended: 4+


You'll need a deck of cards.

Separate the aces from the deck, then shuffle the remaining cards and deal between five and ten face down in a line to form the 'race track'.

Finally, place the aces face up in a row in line with the first card of the race track.

How to play Horse Racing

At the beginning of the game each player places a bet on a particular ace. For example, a player might bet three fingers on the ace of spades. Once all bets have been placed the race begins.

A designated player draws cards one by one from the top of the deck and turns them face up on the table. Each time a card is turned over the ace with the matching suit is advanced one place along the race track. For example, if the four of diamonds is turned over then the ace of diamonds is moved forward one place (i.e. in line with the next card on the race track).

A race ends when one of the aces wins by reaching the last position on the race track (i.e. is in line with the last card on the race track). At this point each player settles their bet, drinking the amount they wagered if they lose or nominating other players to drink if they win.

Jockey image by Freepik