Players. Required: 2+
Players. Recommended: 4+


You'll need a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck and deal out fifteen cards face down in a 5-4-3-2-1 pyramid.

How to play Pyramid

Players take it in turns to climb the pyramid by turning a card over from each row of the pyramid, starting at the bottom. If the player turns over a face card during this process they must drink a penalty depending on the card they turned over.

Jack - one finger

Queen - two fingers

King - three fingers

Ace - four fingers

Once the player has drunk their penalty they must deal new cards face down to replace the cards they turned over during their attempt, before trying to climb the pyramid again.

Play passes on when the player successfully climbs the pyramid by turning over a card from each of the five rows without revealing a face card.

Pyramid image by Freepik