Ride the Bus

Players. Required: 2+
Players. Recommended: 4+


You'll need a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck and deal out sixteen cards face down in a 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 diamond.

For an easier game you can deal out a smaller diamond of cards.

How to play Ride the Bus

This game is very similar to both Cross the Bridge and Pyramid. Players take it in turns to 'ride the bus' by turning a card over from each row of the diamond, starting at one end and moving across to the other.

If the player turns over a face card during this process they must drink a number of fingers equal to the number of cards they turned over during that attempt. For example, if a player reaches the middle row and turns over a face card they must drink four fingers, since there will be four cards face up.

Once the player has drunk their penalty they must deal new cards face down to replace the cards they turned over during their attempt, before riding the bus again.

Play passes on when the player successfully completes their bus ride (i.e. turns over a card from each of the seven rows without revealing a face card).

Bus image by Freepik