The Dealer and The Fuzz

Players. Required: 4+
Players. Recommended: 5+


You'll need a deck of cards. Take a number of cards from the deck equal to the number of players, ensuring that there is exactly one King and exactly one Ace among them.

How to play The Dealer and The Fuzz

Shuffle the cards you've pulled from the deck and deal one card face down to each player. Each player looks at their own card without showing anyone else. The player that has the King is 'the Fuzz', and the player that has the Ace is 'the Dealer'.

The Dealer must discreetly wink at another player, who will then wait a few seconds before announcing that 'the deal has been made'. At this point the Fuzz turns over their card to identify themself, then tries to guess who the Dealer is.

For each incorrect guess the Fuzz must drink, and when they finally guess correctly the Dealer must drink a number of fingers equal to the number of players who have not been accused by the Fuzz. At this point the cards are shuffled and dealt out again, and the game is repeated as before.

Police image by Eucalyp