What The Fuck

Players. Required: 3+
Players. Recommended: 5+

How to play What The Fuck

Before the game begins each player must choose a name for themselves which takes the form of a descriptive word followed by the word 'fuck'. Some examples are 'quick fuck', 'sad fuck', 'sneaky fuck', etc.

Once everybody has chosen a name and told everyone else what it is the game can begin. The games starts by all the players chanting 'what's the name of the fucking game say what, the, fuck'. The first player then chants their own name, followed by the phrase 'what the fuck', and finally the name of another player.

For example, 'sad fuck, what the fuck, how about a sneaky fuck?'. Play then passes to that player, who does the same thing with their own name and the name of another player.

If a player makes a mistake or hesitates for too long they must drink, and the game starts again.

Questions image by Freepik